Grooming & Hydrobathing

Does your pet need a bath? 

A hydrobath is an easy way for your dog to be thoroughly washed and dried with no effort required by you. So when your dog takes a bath you don't need to either. Our hydrobathing facilities help to keep your pet smelling fresh and their coat looking clean, shiny and healthy. 

Bookings are essential - Monday to Friday (Drop off and pick up options preferred). 

Non-medicated shampoo and medicated shampoo (sensitive/allergic skin) options available.

Does your Cat or Dog need a Groom? 

We offer pet grooming on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. 

Once you have secured your booking we encourage owners to have a short 5 minutes consultation on the day of your pet's groom to discuss what groom is best suited for your pet's needs. This consultation will be with our groomer. 

Important Tip: Regular grooming is encouraged to ensure your pet's coats stays healthy and clean all year round!

Please contact us to make a booking.