Why would puppies be in pyjamas at a Vet Clinic?

Why would puppies be in their pyjamas at a Vet Clinic? Well, the simple answer is - to keep them warm, of course!

Here at Albion Vet Surgery we have a supply of warm and cosy pyjamas for some of our most precious surgical patients - the very young, the very small and the very old! When an animal undergoes an anaesthetic, they lose the ability to maintain their own body temperature and can become quite cold, especially when we have to remove a lot of their fur for their operation.

Becoming hypothermic can cause problems with the way the animal metabolises the anaesthetic drugs, slow their recovery or increase the demands on their circulatory system. To avoid these problems, our nurses take on the role of actively warming our patients. They put our littlies in their pyjamas, place warm bedding and blankets in their hospital beds, use heating pads and even cuddles to keep them warm and toastie. During surgery, the nurses closely monitor our patient's temperature, their heart and respiration rates, their blood pressure and oxygen saturation. This close monitoring continues throughout your pet's recovery until they are ready to go home.

Your pet is always welcome to bring their own blanket or pyjamas with them for a hospital stay, just the way you would if you went to hospital.