Team Albion and Tilla are newsworthy!

Tilla swallowed a fish hook!

Our team was recently featured on Channel 10 news and The Project (watch the video below) after we helped little Tilla. Tiny 3kg Tilla was presented to us after a regular stroll by the water. Her parents noticed some fishing line hanging from her mouth. Her quick-thinking parents then brought her straight to us to see what the line was connected to. Radiographs were taken immediately, and it was found to be a large 4cm fishing hook with barb that had become embedded within Tilla’s stomach lining. This put her at risk of perforation and secondary infection which could have resulted in death if it remained undetected. She required emergency surgery performed by Dr Andrew to excise the hook, repair the damage and surgically stabilise Tilla. 

She is currently doing well and is expected to make a full recovery thanks to her parent’s quick thinking and her emergency surgery. Whilst she was our catch of the day and has caught our hearts, we just wanted to share her case to highlight the importance of keeping our beautiful waterways tidy.

PSA: Please remember to take all of your left-over fishing gear with you this summer when you’re done. If not for the safety of our native birds and wildlife, for our fur babies too!